Monday, January 9, 2012

Week One--Lean and Ripped

Hi there, friends!
 (Mark took this photo with his wide angle lens--I'm not THAT short in real life! HA!)

Week One of my Lean and Ripped Workout Series is complete and other than a few bumps, I'd say it went by smoothly.

For anyone looking for the weights workout, here's what I did:

1) Front, Side, and Bent Over Shoulder Raises (5lbs each hand)
2) Squats (30 lb kettlebell)
3) Chest Fly on Balance Ball (15lbs each hand)
4) Box Step Ups (20lbs, 10 in each hand)
5) Wide Row (15lbs each hand)
6) Sumo Squat (30lb kettlebell)
7) Tricep Kickback and Knee Lift (5lbs each hand)

Tuesday: Repeat 3x through--12 reps each exercise
Thursday: Repeat 3x through--15 reps each exercise
Saturday: Repeat 4x through--12 reps each exercise

I did the circuit straight through without rest between the exercises. After I completed the circuit I rested for one minute, and went right back into it again.

For all the nitty gritties, please refer back to The Plan and email me for details on any of the moves. I'll be happy to explain them in full detail.

On to last week's progress...

If you recall, I made some rather specific goals for myself. I did this to 1) help me change some poor habits I've developed like eating massive amounts of sugar and craving sugar 2) create a pattern that becomes a new good habit in time and 3) help transition back to using food as fuel and nourishment for my body and not so much as comfort or rewards.

Soooo... I was able to stick to my goals pretty closely. I stuck to eating 5 meals per day with the exception of Saturday where I incorporated a 'cheat meal' and used up a gift card all in one fell swoop! What better thing to cheat on than BJ's pizza AND part of a chocolate chip pizookie? (hot out of the oven gooey chocolate chip cookie topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.)

I was able to incorporate protein into every meal, which is more challenging that I thought it would be. And I generally hit my target for calorie intake (except cheat meal day), albeit it was a mental adjustment to my Christmas caloric intake.

I did find it rather hard to have little to no carbs in my last meal of the day. All my favorite meals generally have a carb component to them, and although I do a great job at making them healthy and the right portion size, it's hard to take the bun off the salmon burger, or skip the potato wedges I made for my husband.  But I'll give it another week before I adjust my goals. I'm a trooper like that.

My workouts last week also went great. I worked out all 6 days. I got all my strength workouts in. I logged about 90% of my cardio, and it would have been 100% but I was feeling a little under the weather one day and it was all I could do to eek out 30 minutes of slow cardio. After all I am a believer in listening to your body when it yells at you and kicks you in the shins.

My inspiration last week came from Pinterest. (Follow me!) I've collected some really incredible words of encouragement and inspirational photos on my Get Fit board. Last week when I was sitting at my desk and trying to cut a deal with myself to skip the gym, I pulled up that board and remembered why I want to accomplish my goals.

Last week I learned that cheat meals are not meant to be all-rules-out-the-window-and-do-what-ever-you-want kind of meals. I over-did it at BJ's, just not knowing the true damage of eating greasy pizza and cookies and ice cream. Lesson learned. Moving on.

I've also learned that with a little will-power in the beginning, sugar cravings can be overcome. THANK YOU, GOD! And speaking of God, I've learned to pray through my cravings and lean on God for understanding of why I want what I want. Through this whole process, I really hope to take the focus OFF of food and exercise and allow those things to become part of my life and well-being so I can better focus on friends, family, community, and work.

I'm pumped! I'm ready for this week! Bring it on!

How do you stay motivated?

Thank you again for your support and encouragement!


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  1. Praying through cravings! What a fantastic idea. Jesus cares about the big and the little things - like food - after all : )


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