Thursday, January 19, 2012

MISTO Popcorn

 One of the coolest things about Mark is he's almost always listening. We'll be at Target walking through the baking isle and I'll spout something off like 

"Oo! Someday I want one of these baking sheets." 
"This spatula is worth every penny." 

and he locks my little comment away for future use. 

The newest gadget in my kitchen is something that I really should have invested the ten bucks in a loooonnnng time ago. Seriously, we buy oil spray at least every three months, often on sale, but I hate that icky aftertaste that so many of the brands (ehhem, PAM) have. 

Also I hate when I'm making eggs and the sprayers gets clogged and then shoots oil off to the right or the left, resulting in a lovely oil stain all over my blouse in the morning. Awesome.

 Well, Mark was listening last, I donno, June! and he remembered I wanted one of these MISTO sprayers where you put your own oil inside, pump it full of air, and then you get a beautiful light mist of oil that evenly covers your pan or cookie sheet. No icky preservatives included. 

My most favorite discovery as of late is using my MISTO on my air-popped popcorn for a light snack.

Don't get me wrong, I still love BUTTER!

And for a more decadent evening that involves my husband and a good movie, I'll break out the good stuff and load it up.

But the other day when I was short on snacks to take to work, and the popcorn kernels were looking at me from the cabinet, I couldn't resist popping up small bowl full.

 Popcorn always surprises me too! I measured out 1/4 cup of kernels (130 cal) and once popped this is how much I had. It filled half of a gallon size bag. NOM NOM NOM! I munched at work for a good half hour between reports and phones, and my tummy was haaaaaaaaappy.

Anway, back to method. Super easy, again! As the popcorn was tumbling out of the air popper, I spritzed it with a light spray of olive oil, and alternated every 10 seconds or so with a grind of salt. 

I bet garlic salt would also be really good.

Maybe even dill. oooooooo!

Air popped popcorn is also a great whole grain with 1 gram of fiber per cup and contains high levels of polyphenols, a type of antioxidant thought to help fight cancer.  

Sounds good, right? I mean, who doesn't want to fight cancer? And all that fiber helps keep you feeling full! I can attest to that. This low calorie snack kept me satisfied for hours. 

Big brownie points for the husband. 

Do you like popcorn? 
Favorite kind? 

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  1. popcorn is one of my fave snacks! I was just craving it yesterday but didn't have any...sigh.


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