Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cookie Overload and a Need for Change

I have a tummy ache.

Today was the official day of the office cookie exchange. I chose not to participate in the baking, but the one dozen each baker contributed to the office kitchen had me happily sampling at least 7 different varieties of cookies.
Then some Harry and David crackers and spreads showed up, along with some Beecher's cheeses and sausages.
And then an edible fruit arrangement.
Silly me, I had to sample that too.

It's a fair statement to say that I'm a sucker for Christmas sweet and savory bites. I really wish I wasn't. I can often say no to sweets the rest of the year, but Christmas time wrangles me in.

If you dress sugar up in red and green frosting, or roll it in powdered sugar, or even more irresistible, coated it in chocolate, you've sucked me in to tasting it.
 I LOOOVEEE sweets.

Anybody else out there in the same boat with me?

Today is the last day of this Christmas season that should pose any real threat to my waistline. I think all my Christmas parties are over except for the one with my family. My mom isn't one to bake sweet treats and I'm in charge of most of the main meal, so it will be low fat and delicious. So I'm pretty much in the clear for baked goods this holiday season. I think.(cross my fingers!!!)

I actually spent the better part of Saturday reading a book that has collected a generous layer of dust while sitting on my bookshelf.  My body woke me up at 6:45 a.m.which seemed waaaay to early to start a Saturday if you ask me, but there was no question. I was UP. So I headed out into the living room, turned on the light (because in Washington, the sun doesn't come up until 8 a.m. in Dec!) and sat down with Body for Life and read it cover to cover.

The reason I picked up this book, and not something written by someone more current, trendy, fit, or female (i like female trainers, personally) was because last week I stumbled upon a new blog, Meals and Moves. I was instantly drawn in by Janetha's witty writing and honesty about her body image journey. As I poked around more, I found her Body for Life page and was enamored with her fitness testimony and the incredible before and after photos.

I was instantaneously inspired to seek a similar journey of my own.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and complain about body image, or pudge, or how tight my jeans may be. Yes, I did just get done venting about all the cookies that have popped up in my life, but in a whole, complaining is not my goal of this blog and I hope I rarely do that here. I'm very blessed with the body God has gifted to me. I'm blessed to have once known incredible illness and sickness and to have made full recovery from the symptoms that were mentally and physically crippling in my condition. I'm thankful for that time in my young life because it has allowed me to appreciate wellness, physical activity, and abundant energy on a whole new level. I do love and appreciate my body, and because it is a temple of God, I vow to do my best to always stay in healthy condition, eat right, exercise regularly, and seek my best performance in all that I do. Not only do I get to, I enjoy the challenge.

So with that said, and knowing all the cookies this season has brought to my taste buds, I feel it is time to commit myself to a healthier lifestyle regime incorporating better nutrition and planning

I'm working on the details of it this week and I will be sharing with with you exactly what my plan is and how I hope to carry it out. Truth be told, my wedding fitness journey was similar to the Body for Life plan and I found it to be something I could stick to, enjoy, and not feel restricted on while still seeing fantastic results inside and out. I'm planning to use many of the same tactics again.

I invite you to join me. Whether you want to pick up the book for 2 bucks at Goodwill (trust me, its there. It's almost as popular as South Beach. Don't pay full price.) or read Janetha's game plan, or devise your own, I invite you to commit with me to seek better nutrition and fitness in the next 12 weeks starting January 2nd.

This is not a new years resolution.

This is a lifestyle change.
A development of better habits.

Will you join me?


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  1. I'm not really tempted by the sweet treats but I have a hard time saying no to a winter ale! They are just so tastey and filling & I heart them!


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